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Boost your Webflow site performance with a custom hourly plan

Get a team of experienced Webflow developers and designers, ready to jump on your project at any time.
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Hourly packages
This offer fits our needs
  • Competitive pricing
  • More hours = lower price
  • Design and development
  • Updates on Slack
  • Dedicated project manager
  • Ultimate flexibility

We have an answer to all your Webflow needs

Wambay is a team of certified Webflow experts who work as your in-house developers. Any design you have in mind, we got all the capabilities to convert it into a high-quality Webflow project.

Our team consists of skilled front-end developers assisting you with every custom request. With their advanced JavaScript knowledge, we are able to create a superior customer experience.

Trusted by leading startups and scale ups like ML6, Trustteam others, we offer reliable and premium development services for each and every project.

By signing up for a Webflow development retainer package, you will unlock unlimited development requests and revisions. We'll make your site an engaging experience for your customers.

Industry-leading Webflow development and design

You deserve only the best of the best. Our Webflow developers are certified and proficient in delivering high-quality websites, so you can increase conversions and scale your business with ease.

We highly value transparency, so you will always know exactly how much you are paying. No contracts, just a flexible plan that fits all your needs. Submit as many tasks as needed and we will handle them all.

Each client is a top priority, so you will get your own dedicated project manager for every single project. They are always available to communicate with you to get things done faster and more efficiently.

We guarantee a quick delivery for all projects. There’s no need to waste your time searching for an agency or a freelancer, when you can have your own team of reliable Webflow developers get to work right away.

What they say about us

Super fast delivery, they got started right away. Wambay knows how to get things done!
Thomas Boest
Very smooth collaboration and super fast results! We look forward to the next project.
Laurentz Tonniau
They know how to get things done and have clear communication, we know what to expect. We like the direct aproach and transparent communication. We depend on their technical insights.
Haentjes Helen
We are very happy with Wambay, thanks to their knowledge we can supply a service to the community
Tanguy Pensaert
pensaert & partners
A very big thanks for building our website. We would not have made it without your help. I hope we can collaborate again in the future!
Thissen Cynthia
Stichting Dakloos Dier
A big thank you for the work on the new website. Without Wambay it would have never happened. I hope we can work together again in the future!
Pelican Street

Some projects

A mascot driven website for a SaaS agency? No problem!
Pelican Street
A slick website for a slick film & sound boutique
Make quick and well-informed real estate decisions with just an address.
Paperbox.ai is an award-winning AI-powered software company that specialises in intelligent document processing for insurance teams.
Helps discover and develop technical talent with innovation
Develops smart software solutions to create innovation in construction
One of the biggest machine learning companies in Europe

How our Webflow development process works

Step 1
A quick call

We jump on a call to learn how we can help you with custom Webflow solutions and guide you through the process of submitting requests and revisions. We also assign you a dedicated client manager.

Hi! Nice to meet you. I’ll be your client manager. Feel free to ask me anything!
Hi Wambay! Looking forward to working with you!
Step 2
Add your requests

We will give you access to a Notion board, where we keep track of the hours spent and jobs finished. As big believers in transparency, we communicate with you via channels like Slack and email.

Step 3
Custom development and web design solutions

We're a group of certified Webflow developers and web designers helping world-leading companies like Jasper, Awning, Sendlane and others. We provide tailored Webflow solutions to help you stand out.

Step 4
We return a pixel-perfect and scalable site

We return a high-quality and scalable Webflow site, ready to be launched. As soon as you give us the green light, we move forward and start working on the next requests in the queue.

Why Wambay?

Predictable pricing
No surprises here. Choose a plan that works for you and pay the same amount every month. No contracts, cancel anytime.
Lightning fast delivery
Don't waste time searching for an agency or the right freelancer. Skip the endless back-and-forth and get Webflow work in record speed!
Certified developers
All developers must successfully complete all 3 Webflow Certification tests on Webflow University before joining forces with us.
Responsive by default. We make sure your users get a seamless experience no matter the device they are on.
Engaging animations
Static is boring. Enhance your design with animations and increase engagement on your site.
Speed optimized
Fast websites are good for business.We make sure our websites are always lightning-fast.

Who is Webflow Development for?

Wambay is a good fit if
Wambay is not a good fit if
You have too little time or lack experience in turning designs into web-ready HTML.
You prefer working on your own without external help.
Your design source files are ready in Figma.
Your design is not ready to be converted into a pixel-perfect website yet.
You care about giving your users a seamless experience when they visit your website, whether that is on desktop or on mobile.
User experience is not that important to you and you prefer cheapness over excellence and high-quality websites.
Time is of the essence and you need a quick turnaround with an experienced development team always by your side.
You’re OK with waiting weeks before your freelance web developer starts working on your project.
You want to know exactly how much you are paying for a project, with no hidden fees.
You don’t mind paying over budget, even if there are hidden fees and extra costs.

Frequently asked questions

What can I expect from the dedicated Manager?

To optimise communication we try to limit you to 1 contact point. Someone that knows the whole project and can assist with questions you might have.

Can you include my team?

Yes, we try to become part of your team so we collaborate with as all people that are involved in the project.

How will I communicate with you?

We try to be where you are, and what your company is used to. Most enterprise clients use slack, and this works very well. If you bought hours, most communication will be via the Notion board.

What if I'm still unhappy with the work at the end?

If you’re still unhappy with the work at the end, we’ll continue to revise the design until you’re 100% satisfied.

What do I need before we get started?

Before we get started, we’ll ask you for the source files of your design (Sketch or Adobe XD) or a Figma link, preferably for desktop and mobile viewports, so we can convert your design to Webflow. If you would like us to create the design for you as well, we’ll jump on a call and guide you through the process. For other tasks, please describe them accurately in our form or in an email so we can give you an accurate estimate. For any additional questions, we can always do a quick call or simply communicate via our dashboard, Slack or email.

How does the turnaround time work?

The turnaround time for completion of your project depends on the task complexity, but it usually takes us 1-3 business days to start working on your request. You can also purchase priority support add-on in the checkout and we will jump on your task within 1 business day.

How many months will I need?

We determine the duration case-by-case. For some clients, 1 month is enough to deliver everything they need, others might need a few months more. But many clients, especially larger startups or businesses that are digital-first decide to keep us indefinitely.

What does it mean "unlimited" requests?

Just what it sounds like. Once you are onboarded, you can add as many requests in your queue as you like. Your tasks will then be delivered one after another and you can keep adding more.

Is Wambay only for Enterprise-based projects?

No, Wambay is not only for Enterprise-based projects. As established Webflow experts, we have the capability to offer unlimited design and development to businesses of all sizes, from building the site from scratch to fixing and tweaking even the tiniest detail on your page.